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Carl Macmurdo, President

Medallion Holders Association
PO Box 883533
San Francisco, CA 94188-3533

Telephone: 1-888-474-0840 (voicemail)

Archived Links

Taxi Industry Documents & Resources
Browse for Transportation Code Article
     1100 and Police Code Article 16
SFMTA Board Agendas and Minutes
     and Minutes
SFMTA Taxi Site
SFMTA Board Meetings Video Archive
SFGTV Channel 1 Live
SFGTV Channel 2 Live (usually carries
     SFMTA meetings in progress)
Current SFMTA Disability Policy
Proposition K of 1978
California Vehicle Code (searchable)
California Vehicle Code (DMV site)
California Driver Handbook

ADA Lawsuit (2008-2009)
Appellants' Opening Brief
Amicus Brief by Carl Macmurdo
City's Answering Brief
Appellants' Reply Brief

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